FAQ – Coupon Binder

– How do I display the coupon barcode and scan it in the store?

Coupon Binder App is an organization App for your physical collection of coupons.  The App does NOT store any coupon pictures nor does it attempt re-create the actual coupon barcode.  Doing so would be no different than making a copy of a coupon and it is not legal.  Moreover, your local grocery stores need the physical coupon in order to get reimbursed by the product manufacturer.

– Which barcode should I scan for the coupon?

Scan the newest barcode type (Databar).  This will give you the most “raw” information (such as expiration date, double coupon, etc).  If only the UPC styled barcode is available, using that is OK also.  Either way, if the coupon is in the online database, most of the information will be pulled from the database.

– How come some of the coupons I scan does not return any detailed description?

You are the 1st person to see this variation of the coupon.  Although the publisher and your fellow App user populate the online Database on a constant basis, there are always new coupons being generated.

– How come my Sunday insert is different than what is available in the App?

There are regional differences between the product offering.  Even with the same product, the discount on the coupon can be different between regions.

– How do I transfer my purchased subscription?

Simply create an account if you do not have one.  If you have one, simply log in.  Any purchased subscription on the device will be associated with your account.  Once you do that, you simply need to log into any other iDevice you own and the purchased subscription will be available on that device also.


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