FAQ – My Options & Awards

– What is the difference between the Paid version and Lite Edition?

You are allow to enter unlimited grants for the Paid version while Lite Edition is limited to 2 grant entries (any combination of employee stock options and/or restricted stock awards).  Lite Edition also has advertisement on the “Summary” page.

– How do I upgrade/remove the limitation and advertisement in the Lite Edition?

Simply attempt to add 3 or more grants.  A prompt will allow you the opportunity to use Apple’s In-App purchase to enable unlimited grants and removal of advertisement.

– My Employee Stock Option / Restricted Stock Award only has a single vesting period, how do I enter these?

Go ahead and enter the total share amount in the “Initial Vested” field.  Enter the first (and the only) vesting date.  You can put anything you want in the “Rest Vests” period (such as default 1 month) and a 0 (zero) for the “Shares (#)”.  The program will calculate everything correctly.


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