My Options and Awards


My Options & Awards

My Options & Awards is a quick and easy tracker for your Employee Stock Options and Restricted Stock Awards on your iPhone.  Find all the information that is important to you instantaneously.  Why go through the complicated process of logging into a full website when all the statistics are available with a simple touch of your fingertip?  Instead of manually updating the vested share amount on other stock trackers, let My Options & Awards calculate and track your shares based on the vesting schedule automatically!

*** Major Features ***
Summary and Report:
  • Current available value based on the latest trading price. ¹
  • Number of total, vested, exercised/sold, and available shares.
  • Number of unvested shares.  When, how many, and how much is it worth for the next vesting milestone.
All Grants:
  • Show all your stock option and award grants in one table.
  • See essential information such as strike price, total stock shares, and vested shares for each of your grants.
  • Easily add new grants and modify existing grants.
Exercised and Sold Shares:
  • Show all your exercised options and sold awards.
  • Exercised and sold shares are subtracted from the “Available Profit.”
  • Keep track of when and how many of your exercised options and sold award shares.
  • Easily add new exercised options and sold awards.
Future Vesting Schedule:
  • Show all future vesting milestones.
  • See how much each future vesting is worth with current trading price. ¹
*** Disclosure ***
  1. Latest trading price is delayed by at least 20 minutes.
  2. Only equities traded on NYSE or NASDAQ are supported.  Sorry, currently no other exchanges are allowed.

Problems, questions, or suggestions?  Please contact